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Construction industry workers and employers can optimize their safety training with this highly valued program. It offers the perfect blend of quality, value, and convenience to ensure that everyone gets the most out of their experience!

4.9 (1,954 Ratings)

Course Features
  • 130 Hours Training
  • 31 Topics Covered
  • Exam Result
  • Training Transcripts
  • 1 Wallet Cards
  • 32 Certificates

What you’ll learn

  • Develop a safety culture within the construction industry and understand OSHA’s regulations and standards.
  • Identify common hazards in the construction workplace and improve safety communication and leadership skills.
  • Conduct effective accident investigations and implement personal protective equipment programs.
  • Manage energy control programs (Lockout/Tagout) and evaluate safety management systems.
  • Implement job hazard analysis techniques and assist with the implementation of effective corrective action plans.

Supervisors in the construction industry are invaluable to a world-class safety culture. As an “agent of the employer,” and the first-line representative of management, every supervisor has a legal obligation to understand his or her safety responsibilities in the workplace.

This program helps supervisors develop the knowledge and skills to fulfill those responsibilities and be an effective leader. By completing this program, students will understand how safety supervisor responsibilities apply to the construction industry.

This training program is designed for site safety supervisors, officers, or other individual’s responsible for managing front line employees in the construction industry.

This program also benefits individuals seeking to reach their career goal of becoming a construction site safety supervisor. This program helps you develop the essential skills you will need for your future job as a safety supervisor.

Becoming a true safety leader is not a one-stop destination, but rather a continual journey. It is important you stay current in the construction industry and know how to apply safety to be successful. By completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Develop your safety and leadership skills within the construction industry.
  • Stay current on OSHA’s regulations.
  • Learn how to effectively investigate accidents.
  • Monitor construction employees.
  • Evaluate safety management systems.

To qualify for this program certificate, students must complete all required courses.

  • 611 Nail Gun Safety
  • 612 Work Zone Traffic Safety
  • 702 Effective Accident Investigation
  • 705 Hazard Communication Program
  • 706 Conducting a Job Hazard Analysis
  • 709 Personal Protective Equipment
  • 710 Energy Control Program – LOTO
  • 711 Introduction to Ergonomics
  • 712 Safety Supervision and Leadership
  • 715 Electrical Safety Basics
  • 717 Emergency Action Plans
  • 718 Fire Prevention Plans
  • 725 Forklift Safety
  • 726 Introduction to Machine Guarding
  • 744 Working with OSHA
  • 800 Into to Construction Safety Mgmt
  • 802 Trench and Excavation Safety
  • 804 Scaffold Erection and Inspection
  • 805 Fall Protection in Construction
  • 806 Focus Four – Falls
  • 807 Focus Four – Caught-In/Between
  • 808 Focus Four – Struck-By
  • 809 Focus Four – Electrocution
  • 810 Hand and Power Tool Safety
  • 813 Construction Work-site Safety
  • 814 Heavy Equipment Safety
  • 815 Demolition Safety
  • 816 Confined Spaces in Construction
  • 820 Cranes and Derrick Safety I
  • 821 Cranes and Derrick Safety II
  • 850 Health Hazards in Construction

This course is designed for supervisors, officers, or other individuals responsible for managing front line employees in the construction industry. It also benefits individuals seeking to reach their career goal of becoming a construction site safety supervisor.

This program typically takes about 130 hours to complete. However, the time it takes to complete will vary depending on the individual’s knowledge and experience level.

You will develop essential safety and leadership skills within the construction industry. You will also learn how to apply OSHA’s regulations, identify common hazards in the workplace, manage energy control programs (Lockout/Tagout), evaluate safety management systems, implement job hazard analysis techniques, and much more.

The program covers 31 topics, including nail gun safety, work zone traffic safety, effective accident investigations, hazard communication programs, personal protective equipment, energy control (LOTO), introduction to ergonomics, and much more.

After successfully passing this program, you’ll get 32 certificates and one laminated wallet card.

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