ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems

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ISO 22000 is a truly international standard suitable for any business in the entire food chain, including inter-related organizations such as equipment producers, packaging material, cleaning agents, additives and ingredients.

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What you’ll learn

  • How to develop and implement a food safety management system in compliance with the standard.
  • The principles of HACCP and its application in food production and the requirements for interactive communication along the food chain.
  • Overview of the certification process and control audits required by ISO 22000.
  • How to ensure the long-term effectiveness of a food safety management system in compliance with ISO 22000.
  • The legal requirements for food safety and hygiene in the event of an inspection or audit.

ISO 22000 is a truly international standard suitable for any business in the entire food chain, including inter-related organizations such as producers of equipment, packaging material, cleaning agents, additives and ingredients.

ISO 22000 is also for companies seeking to integrate their quality management system, for example ISO 9001, and their food safety management system. The food safety standard combines generally recognized key elements to ensure food safety along the food chain, including:

  • Interactive communication
  • System management
  • Control of food safety hazards through pre-requisite programs and HACCP plans
  • Continual improvement and updating of the food safety management system

What are the benefits of ISO 22000?

With an ISO 22000 certification,

  • Fulfill and document the highest standards of international food safety.
  • Gain international recognition and acceptance.
  • Open up new markets and increase sales through international recognition.
  • Gain the confidence of your customers and partners.
  • Make a significant contribution to risk management in your company.

Procedure for the ISO 22000 Certification

Pre-audit (optional)

Pre-audits provide optimal preparation for the subsequent certification audit according to ISO 22000. Customers identify their strengths and weaknesses early on and can prepare themselves specifically for the ISO 22000 certification. The auditors perform a preliminary assessment. They determine if and which requirements of the standard have already been implemented in your company.

Certification audit

The audit team reviews the extent to which the documentation of your compliance management system already corresponds to the standard. You demonstrate the practical application of your management system. Our auditors examine the effectiveness.

Issuing the certificate

Once all criteria have been fulfilled, your company receives the ISO 22000 certificate which certifies the integrity and compliance of your management system.

Control audits

Our annual control audits help you to continuously optimize your processes.

Certification renewal

With a renewal of the certification before the expiration of three years, you permanently extend your continuous improvement process. For your partners and customers, you permanently document the successful deployment of your management system according to ISO 22000.

Which Companies are Suitable for an ISO 22000 Certification?

The ISO 22000 is suitable for all companies directly and indirectly involved in food production in the areas of, for example:

  • Primary agricultural products such as animals intended for slaughter
  • Semi-finished food products for industrial processing
  • Processed and packaged foods
  • Food additives
  • Transport and storage services for the food and animal feed industries
  • Primary packaging and materials for the primary packaging of food and animal feed
  • Animal feed such as straight and compound feeds
  • Animal feed additives
  • Cleaning services
  • Food services such as restaurants, canteens and catering
  • Pesticides and preservatives
  • Machinery, equipment and facilities for food processing
  • Retail, wholesale and intermediaries

The ISO 22000 certification is additionally suitable for all companies for which a certification according to local standards, such as IFS or BRC , is not sufficient. With ISO 22000, you position your company internationally and fulfill the global standard for food safety.

What Are the Requirements of ISO 22000?

  • Interactive communication along the supply chain
  • Compliance with the HACCP guidelines – hazard analysis, identification of critical control points (CCPs), monitoring of CCPs, development of corrective measures, archiving, verification
  • Harmonization of existing voluntary and/or mandatory standards
  • Development of a structure following ISO 9001
  • System management
  • Process control

ISO 22000 is an international standard for food safety management systems. It provides companies with the framework to identify and control food safety hazards, ensure compliance with legal requirements, and create a culture of continual improvement.

ISO 22000 is suitable for all companies directly or indirectly involved in food production, including primary agricultural products, semi-finished food products for industrial processing, processed and packaged foods, food services such as restaurants, canteens and catering, retail outlets, wholesalers and intermediaries.

The requirements of ISO 22000 include interactive communication along the supply chain, compliance with HACCP guidelines, harmonization of existing voluntary and/or mandatory standards, development of a structure following ISO 9001, system management, process control and more.

It is essential to assess your organization’s needs and establish an implementation plan. Common first steps include appointing a management representative, developing food safety policies and procedures, implementing hazard analysis and risk assessment techniques, and training personnel on the standard. You may also want to consult an expert on implementing ISO 22000 for your company.

The main benefits of ISO 22000 certification include improved food safety and quality assurance, better risk management, more credible market presence and improved customer trust. Additionally, certification may help companies gain access to new markets, reduce costs associated with non-compliance and achieve cost savings through improved processes.

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