This father and his two children have much to be thankful for after the dad saved the kids from being struck head-on by a car just before Christmas holidays.

A father was visiting a bike shop in South Jambi, Indonesia with his two children when he saved their lives after a motor vehicle spun out of control and nearly hit his children.

As surveillance footage in the video below reveals, the two children were playing around the garage. They are walking behind their father at the entrance of the garage near the main road.

Their dad is seen in the foreground of the video crouched by a motorbike when all of a sudden a Toyota car barrels right towards the kids and crashes in the bike shop.

The man must have heard or sensed something was happening because he spins around and races to his children. Dad’s lightning-fast reaction saves his children as he manages to grab hold of them and pull them to safety just in the nick of time!

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the accident. Share this heroic dad with your friends and family.

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